Call for papers for Letras Históricas No. 21

Procedure and ArbitrationAll new collaborators must enter the domain where you must fill out the form and register as an author. After generating the username and password, it will be necessary to enter the Personal Area of the journal, where each collaborator will have the option to send their proposal under a new shipment. On the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform of Letras Históricas will be able to follow with transparency the opinion process to which their collaborations will be submitted.Only articles registered in this way and satisfy all the requirements indicated here will be accepted.Once a collaboration has been sent, the authors agree not to submit it simultaneously to the consideration of other publications.If the article is accepted for publication, its author undertakes not to publish it in any other way, nor in the same way, without the consent of the Editorial Committee.The acceptance of the works will depend on the confidential evaluation of two anonymous specialists, who may or may not be external to the institution that publishes this journal. The results of the evaluation will indicate if the work: A) Publicable, B) Publicable with modifications and C) Not publishable.In case of discrepancy between the two results, the text will be sent to a third arbitrator, whose decision will define its publication or rejection.This information will be sent to the author by means of an opinion report within a period of less than six months, although it may vary.The dictum process is determined by the number of items on the waiting list.Letras Históricas reserves the right to advance or postpone accepted articles.For those works that have a favorable evaluation, the Editor of the journal may request the changes that are considered relevant from the respective opinions. After making these changes, the text will be reviewed by the Editor, and in his case a definitive acceptance letter may be issued. Once accepted, the text can not be modified.If the result of the arbitration is favorable, the author will deliver the corrected version of his text as requested by the evaluators in a period of no more than 30 days from the date on which he receives the communication from the editor.A document indicating the changes made will be attached to the corrected text.The editorial team of the journal reserves the right to make the correction of editorial style and changes it deems necessary to improve the work.The content of the collaborations is the responsibility of the authors.Letras Históricas requires, however, that collaborators assign copyright to this journal through the format that will be sent to them as part of the editorial process, so that their work can be published, reproduced, edited and publicly transmitted.If you need more information about editorial standards or examples of sources references, please contact: